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Vivo Capital Strategic Investment through PANDA Fund, L.P. Supporting HCmed Innovations for Global Strategic Expansion in Mobile Nebulizer Markets

HCmed Innovations (HCmed) confirmed on December 27, 2017, that Vivo capital, through the fund under its management, PANDA Fund, L.P., has become its strategic investor. As a healthcare focused investment firm, Vivo will fully support HCmed’s strategic plan to expand in the hand-held nebulizer markets to help relive global burden of respiratory disease, such as COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis.

About Vivo
Founded in 1996, Vivo Capital is a healthcare investment firm focusing on investing in and building high quality companies in the U.S. and China. With more than $1.8 billion under management, Vivo employs a unique multi-pronged strategy of identifying and working with companies with promising development stage and commercial stage therapeutic products in the U.S. and revenue stage companies in China. Vivo’s current portfolio includes more than 80 private and public biotechnology companies in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, specialty pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Vivo Capital has offices in Palo Alto, California, Shanghai, and Beijing, China.

About HCmed
HCmed is founded in 2014 by a group of pediatrician, biomedical engineer, and medical device engineer. With more than decades’ nebulizer experience, it has developed a quality, safe and mobile nebulizer Deepro™. Certificated by European, Taiwan and Indonesian authorities, Deepro™ has successfully developed partnerships with world leading pharmaceutical companies in US, China, Israel, Indonesia, India, Latin America and Taiwan. Proven by the third party of its comparison to other nebulizers, Deepro™ is quiet, easy to use and to clean, and can deliver high quality and stable fine particle size (< 5 µm), which allow inhaled drugs precisely targets to lower respiratory tract, ensuring safer and better therapy process.

A high standard, innovative and mobile product of HCmed, Deepro™ cooperates with world leading pharmaceutical companies to realize quality and safe respiratory treatments. Most importantly, its convenient design largely increases patient sexy prom dresses compliance, which truly make respiratory treatment everywhere possible. Currently, Deepro™ team is expanding product range tailored to different stages of respiratory therapies.