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HCmed Joins the China International Import Expo and China Healthcare Summit

HCmed Innovations is pleased to inform that it has received NMPA approval from the National Medical Products Administration in China for its handheld mesh nebulizer, PulmogineTM. This milestone constitutes the opening of a new market where HCmed hopes to bring its top-quality nebulizer to ease the lives of people who suffer from respiratory diseases.

The technology developed by HCmed enables PulmogineTM to deliver a wide range of medications, including antibiotics and biologic drugs. Supported by the Micro Synchronized Delivery Technology (MSDT), PulmogineTM offers reliable and effective inhalation treatment. The vibrating mesh generates aerosol droplets ≤ 5µm in diameter, transporting medication deeper into the lungs. Moreover, fine particle fraction (FPF) and geometric standard deviation (GSD) values are improved, enhancing drug delivery.

The portability, quiet operation, and low residual volume of the device add extra value to this mesh nebulizer, allowing patients to receive their treatment wherever they go in a shorter period of time.

HCmed looks forward to bringing Pulmogine to the Chinese market to help people with their inhalation treatment.