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HCmed introduces Pulmogine in the 2019 ERS Congress

HCmed Innovations Co., Inc., a drug-device combination company focused on inhalation therapy, presented its latest brand, Pulmogine, in the 2019 ERS International Congress. Pulmogine, a mesh nebulizer supported by a customization platform, is able to nebulize different types of medication, such as solutions, suspensions, biologics, and high viscosity drugs.

Among the types of medication, biologic drugs and antibiotics are particularly difficult to nebulize; however, HCmed explained that the technology enclosed in Pulmogine can achieve this purpose. The product, which was introduced during the 4-day exhibition, was also commended for its features that mainly focus on the capability of especially tailor the nebulizer for each formulation to enhance drug delivery.

The introduction of Pulmogine mesh nebulizer comes at a time in which inhalation treatment is being further explored to substitute other administration routes in old and new therapies. During the congress, it was emphasized that new biologic drugs are recommended over potentially harmful oral steroids to treat asthma. Dr. Eger (MD) said, "Asthma patients using high doses of oral steroids are at risk of serious adverse effects such as diabetes, osteoporosis and adrenal insufficiency."

Antibiotics used to treat pulmonary infections were also a central topic of discussion. In one of the sessions, it was presented that the antibiotic azithromycin could be used to treat primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), a rare chronic condition. Dr. Kobbernagel, presenter of the study, said, "Our results show that azithromycin is safe for patients with PCD and that it could offer an effective maintenance therapy, reducing ill-health and helping children and adults get on with their daily lives."

Based on the specifications of Pulmogine, it could potentially serve as a platform to deliver some medications like the ones cited above; especially considering that drugs usually prescribed to treat cystic fibrosis, such as the antibiotics colistin and tobramycin, and the biologic dornase alfa, can all be effectively nebulized with Pulmogine.

HCmed will continue marketing Pulmogine in future events before the end of the year in order to present the advantages offered by their new brand. Some of the upcoming events are China International Import Export 2019 in Shanghai from Nov.5 to Nov.10 and the 2019 Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference (DDL 2019) in Edinburgh from Dec.11 to Dec.13.