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HCmed Wins 2021 Taiwan BIO Award for Growth Potential

After three months of evaluation, the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (TBIO) has selected 11 companies as the 2021 winners of the Taiwan BIO Awards. HCmed Innovations Co., Ltd. (HCmed) is honored to be listed as one the winners awarded for its growth potential.

The 2021 Taiwan BIO Awards recipients were chosen from among almost 60 applicants, who had to go through three rounds of evaluation to be selected as final winners. The awards are divided into three categories, with participants being awarded for their excellence, potential, or innovation. HCmed is honored to be one of the recipients of the award for potential, listed under the sub-category of medical device group.

The opening ceremony of the “2021 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition” is scheduled to be held on Nov. 4th, event in which the awards will be presented. Beforehand, the winners will be invited to share their thoughts on winning the awards in the BIO Asia-Taiwan Online Conference held from July 19th to 25th, according to TBIO.

"Award winners in the past few years have had outstanding performances. From the applicants and winners list, we can observe the development trend of the biomedical industry in Taiwan, with the strength and potential of the industry being notable," said Zhong Syun Wu (吳忠勳), President of TBIO.

HCmed focuses on the development and manufacturing of nebulizing devices for inhaled medications. Under the business model of operating as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for drug-device combination products intended for inhalation therapy, HCmed has signed multiple development agreements with several global partners for its nebulizers, showing great potential in expanding its business in the global market.