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HCmed and Cellics Announce Collaboration on Nebulized Nanosponges for the Treatment of Bacterial Infections and Inflammatory Diseases

HCmed Innovations Co., Ltd. (HCmed) and Cellics Therapeutics, Inc. (Cellics) have initiated a collaboration, introducing inhalation therapy for the delivery of nanospages. This collaboration sets forth the framework by which both companies will work collaboratively to develop a nebulized Cellular Nanosponge combination product for the treatment of bacterial infections and inflammatory diseases.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cellics will be responsible for the overall development of inhaled nanosponges that are used to neutralize harmful agents (i.e., inflammatory cytokines, viruses) in human body, while HCmed will be leading the development of the customized nebulizing devices specifically optimized for the delivery of these nanosponges.

Product development currently emphasizes the use of nanosponges made of human red blood cell membrane or white blood cell membrane for the treatment of bacterial infections and inflammatory diseases. The nanosponges are designed to counteract diverse disease pathologies by acting as biomimetic decoys to sequester and neutralize biological molecules that would otherwise attack host cells. The lead product candidate CTI-005 is expected to go into human clinical trial for pneumonia in 2021. “We believe that inhaled nanosponges will be able to be used in the treatment of several lung diseases, offering therapeutic benefits to patients.” said Steve Chen, President of Cellics.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Cellics to provide support in bringing potential therapies to the market," said Jason Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of HCmed. “HCmed is committed to continue contributing to the improvement of patients’ quality of life using our nebulizers. We look forward to working with Cellics to propel this project to the next stage.”

About Cellics
Cellics Therapeutics, Inc. (Cellics) is a privately held development stage pharmaceutical company founded in 2014 by UC San Diego professor Liangfang Zhang based on his award-winning Nanosponge Technology. Cellics was created with the goal of applying the Nanosponge Technology to treat and prevent diseases.

Cellics is committed to saving lives and improving patients’ health using innovative biomimetic nanomedicines. The company’s primary focus at this time is on autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and difficult-to-treat infectious diseases. Cellics also aims to develop best-in-class vaccines for various diseases.
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About HCmed
Founded in 2014, HCmed Innovations Co., Ltd. (HCmed) focuses on the development of drug-device combination products based on its vibrating mesh nebulizer technology. The company is venture-backed with funding from Vivo Capital and other major investors from the US, Taiwan, and Japan. With the completion of the development of its first-generation nebulizers in less than 3 years, its medical devices have successfully received several regulatory approvals, such as European CE, Taiwan TFDA, Brazilian Anvisa, China NMPA and US FDA 510(K). HCmed’s mesh nebulizers have been launched in Brazil and China. The vision is to bring significant value to global pharma partners through a cost efficient and risk minimized pathway, designing combination products that can provide substantial contributions in the respiratory field. For additional information about HCmed, please visit .